Now that you have a Google Apps account, it's time to start using Google Mail, Google Calendar, and all the other new apps you'll be working with. Use this site as a guide for learning anything and everything about your new services.

Do not change your email client settings until AFTER your migration to Google Apps. If you make changes prior to the conversion, you may have trouble retrieving mail.
Your First Days

Log in to Google Apps
Start sending mail
Start using Calendar


Week 1 and Beyond

Start organizing your mail
Start using keyboard shortcuts



Are there any online tools for migrating Google Apps mail through an E-mail software client like Outlook? 

Should I use POP or IMAP with my email software program?

How do I set up my Email Client to POP?

How do I set up my Email Client to IMAP?

Can I use more than one POP email client to check Google mail?

How can I send email from another email address I own?

What's the best way to create a secure password?

How do I forward my Google Apps email to another email address? 


More FAQs

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